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August 23, 2007


Dugald Wilson

Great post - very insightful.

For the chocolate croissant lover who complains about food in the Triangle, you should really check out Guglhupf's.



Also, try serenity. Make your ad campaign a resting place in the clutter. Of course, disruptorMonkey and serenity... may not be a perfect fit.


Dugald: I did the Guglhupf. I have some childhood scars from Germanic lieb-kuchen (sp?), but this turned out pretty well. IMO, La Farm is slightly ahead, even if only because of the fantastic vintage Citroen the owner drives...

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I'm not in the habit of censoring comments on this blog, but this post was by some idiot at a company called "w o r l d s p a c e" at "http://www.v s w o r l d.com" and I'd just like to make the point that this company is (a) stupid, (b) a spammer and (c) deserving of your scorn.

And now back to our regular scheduled programming...

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