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February 15, 2008



Your insight (and the image of the knobs and dials) sounds like a fundamental assertion of the field of system dynamics - that these connections in complex systems are difficult to understand and are often counterintuitive. Modeling these systems can help. I just finished an introductory course on this material in a business context and thus had to respond. Probably more than you wanted to know.




Hi Dave,
Thanks for the comment. With how this blog wanders around, there`s no such thing as "more than I wanted to know"...

Oddly enough I have a tiny amount of experience with fractal math & chaotic systems (although I wasn`t thinking about that when I wrote this) which can be similarly counterintuitive in the way inputs and outputs behave... One of these days I might have to go check out a shiny MBA and get myself learned up on all this stuff ;-)

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